Sales Representative (QLD)

State/Territory Specific Information

Education and Training:

You can work as a sales representative without formal qualifications. You will probably get some informal training on the job. Entry to this occupation may be improved if you have relevant sales qualifications. To work as a sales representative in a specialised or technical area, you will usually need to undertake post-secondary study in that area. For example, chemical sales representatives often need tertiary or technical qualifications, plus experience, in fields such as science or engineering to work in industrial chemical sales. As subjects and prerequisites may vary between institutions, you should contact your chosen institution for further information.

You can also become a sales representative through a traineeship in Business to Business Sales or Business Sales. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require you to gain your QCE. Ask your career adviser about the possibility of starting some of this training in school.

Additional Information:

A drivers licence is usually required.

It may also be worth gaining experience in sales through working in a selling environment such as retail. This provides an opportunity to become familiar with the product being sold, while also developing an understanding of the basics of selling and insight into the needs of clients.

Once you are employed, you may be able to develop, and have recognised, additional skills under the Retail Services or Business Services Training Packages that will expand your career opportunities within these industries.

Related Courses:

While the following courses are related to this occupation, they may not necessarily lead directly to employment, nor provide the most direct pathway to the occupation. Courses which provide preliminary or informal training, as well as those which provide additional job skills following initial qualifications may also be listed.

*Course is offered by more than one institution. Click link for details.

  1. Certificate III in Automotive Sales *
  2. Certificate III in Seafood Industry - Sales and Distribution
  3. Certificate IV in Building and Construction - Sales
  4. Certificate IV in Business Sales *
  5. Certificate IV in Franchising
  6. Certificate IV in Retail Management *
  7. Certificate IV in Seafood Industry - Sales and Distribution
  8. Bachelor of Arts / International Hotel and Tourism Management

Employment Opportunities:

Sales representatives are employed by retail, wholesale, insurance and manufacturing organisations, which are usually located in large cities. They may be required to cover city, suburban or country areas, or in some cases, interstate or overseas territories.

When taking on a sales position, ensure that you understand the terms of employment. Some jobs are paid on a 'commission only' basis. Other jobs offer a 'guaranteed' income, but this payment may be advanced against future commission earnings and could be reclaimed by the employer when you leave. If you are employed as a subcontractor, you will effectively be in business for yourself, without entitlements to sick pay, annual leave or other benefits.

For Further Information:

ARA Retail Institute (National Office)

1300 368 041

National Retail Association

1800 738 245

Service Skills Australia

(02) 8243 1200

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