Medical Laboratory Technician (NSW/ACT)

State/Territory Specific Information

Education and Training:

To become a medical laboratory technician you usually have to complete a VET qualification in laboratory technology or laboratory operations. As subjects and prerequisites can vary between institutions, you should contact your chosen institution for further information. You may be able to study through distance education.

You can also become a medical laboratory technician through a traineeship in Laboratory Technology. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10. Ask your career adviser about the possibility of starting some of this training in school.

Additional Information:

Graduates from accredited courses may be eligible for membership of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS). Some employers require eligibility for professional membership of AIMS. Visit their website for more information.

Related Courses:

While the following courses are related to this occupation, they may not necessarily lead directly to employment, nor provide the most direct pathway to the occupation. Courses which provide preliminary or informal training, as well as those which provide additional job skills following initial qualifications may also be listed.

*Course is offered by more than one institution. Click link for details.

  1. Collect Pathology Specimens Other Than Blood (HLT Unit) *
  2. Perform Peripeheral Intravenous Cannulation (HLT Unit)
  3. Certificate III in Pathology (12) *
  4. Certificate III in Pathology Assistance
  5. Certificate IV in Pathology (12) *
  6. Diploma of Laboratory Technology *
  7. Diploma of Laboratory Technology - Biological and Environmental Testing
  8. Diploma of Laboratory Technology - Biotechnology
  9. Diploma of Laboratory Technology - Pathology Testing *
  10. Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations
  11. Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Science
  12. Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
  13. Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences
  14. Bachelor of Medical Science *
  15. Bachelor of Medical Science / Bachelor of Arts - International Studies
  16. Bachelor of Science *
  17. Bachelor of Science (Advanced) / Bachelor of Laws
  18. Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Business *
  19. Bachelor of Science and Business
  20. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Medical Science *
  21. Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
  22. Graduate Diploma of Science *

Employment Opportunities:

Medical laboratory technicians are employed primarily in pathology practices or hospital laboratories. There are also opportunities with other government authorities such as agriculture departments and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and at universities.

For Further Information:

Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (National Office)

(07) 3876 2988

Information for other states and territories: