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Waiters serve food and drinks to guests in hotels, restaurants, clubs and similar establishments.

Waiters may perform the following tasks:


Commis Waiter

A commis waiter assists more experienced waiters in clearing and setting tables and transferring food from the kitchen or serving station to customers at tables.

Drinks Waiter and Wine Steward (Sommelier)

A drinks waiter and wine steward (sommelier) specialises in serving wine and other beverages.

Maitre d'

A maitre d' is an experienced waiter that supervises the work of other waiters and assists in the administration of the restaurant.

Silver Service Waiter

A silver service waiter generally a more experienced waiter who specialises in serving food, using a fork and spoon, from platters directly to the guests' plates at the table.

Waiters often work split shifts and in the evenings, and on weekends and public holidays. They spend long periods on their feet and may have to deal with difficult customers. Uniforms may be supplied by employers.

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