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Professional sportspeople earn all or part of their living through participating in sporting events, either as individuals or as members of a team.

Professional sportspeople may perform the following tasks:


Professional sportspeople usually specialise in one sport, such as Australian Rules Football, basketball, boxing, cricket, golf, netball, rugby league, soccer, swimming, tennis and many others, although some may take part in more than one.

Sports Commentator

A sports commentator describes the progress of play during broadcasts of sporting events and explains the technicalities and the tactics of the sport to the audience.

Sports Development Officer

A sports development officer works for clubs, associations or state or territory sporting bodies promoting their sport or their club. They may visit schools, address pupils on the benefits of playing a particular sport or for a particular club and organise demonstrations and activities relating to the skills of the sport.

Most sportspeople compete as amateurs (unpaid) until they reach a sufficiently high standard to be offered payment for their performance.

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