Primary Products Inspector

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Primary products inspectors examine animals, plants and agricultural produce at farms, abattoirs, processing and packing plants, wholesale markets and places of storage or shipment to ensure they meet government standards of hygiene and quality, and export requirements.

Primary products inspectors may perform the following tasks:


Australian Quarantine Inspection Service Officer

An Australian quarantine inspection service officer prevents pests and diseases from entering the country by examining and treating all incoming and outgoing animals, plants, food, humans and machinery. Quarantine inspectors may work at international airports, seaports, mail exchanges and container depots.

Meat Inspector

A meat inspector inspects carcasses and internal organs of animals for disease and ensures the meat complies with health requirements.

Sugarcane Analyst/Auditor

A sugarcane analyst/auditor oversees the entire operations of sugarcane analysis programmes to ensure they comply with programme provisions.

Primary products inspectors may be required to work shifts, including weekends.

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