Occupational Health and Safety Officer

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Occupational health and safety officers coordinate health and safety systems in an organisation. They identify hazards, assess risks to health and safety, put appropriate safety controls in place and provide advice about accident prevention and occupational health to management and employees.

Occupational health and safety officers may perform the following tasks:


With experience and sometimes further training, occupational health and safety officers may become auditors, who inspect a workplace's level of compliance with health and safety standards.

Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Safety Officer

A hazardous materials/dangerous goods safety officer supervises and reviews the transport, handling, storage and use of hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Occupational Health and Safety Trainer

An occupational health and safety trainer develops, designs and conducts health and safety training. As part of this training they assess individual and organisational procedures. They may conduct both face-to-face and online training.

Occupational/Industrial Hygienist

An occupational/industrial hygienist identifies and investigates problems of occupational/industrial hygiene (chemical and biological hazards) in the workplace and alerts managers and professionals to possible health risks. They use scientific equipment to measure and control hazardous substances.

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