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Registered nurses assess, plan, provide and evaluate preventative, curative and rehabilitative care for patients, clients and residents in a wide variety of settings.

Registered nurses may perform the following tasks:


Areas of specialist nursing practice include emergency, trauma nursing, mental health, aged care, cancer/oncology, critical care, perioperative, community health, rural and remote health, as well as policy, research, management, education and workplace health and safety.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

A clinical nurse specialist a registered nurse who has demonstrated competency in advanced practice or has developed competency in an area of specialisation.

Community Health Nurse

A community health nurse works in the wider community, providing nursing care, health counselling, health forums and group programmes to individuals, families and groups. They may develop and facilitate community development programmes with a health promotion focus.

Mental Health Nurse

A mental health nurse provides nursing care to patients with psychological and emotional problems who are undergoing treatment and support in hospitals, clinics, community settings or private homes.

Nurse Educator

A nurse educator assists with the design, implementation and assessment of education programmes; delivery of education and staff development programmes; and the management of educational resources.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner has highly developed skills and knowledge in a specialty field (wound care, sexual health or aged care, for example). They work independently in their area of specialty and can prescribe medications and tests.

Nurse Researcher

A nurse researcher conducts research into nursing and health issues.

Practice Nurse

A practice nurse employed by general practitioners to conduct general treatments. They may also work in chronic disease management and health promotion or perform other general practice and administrative duties.

In hospitals, nurses usually work according to a rotating seven-day roster that includes morning, afternoon and night shifts, as well as weekends and public holidays. In other areas, the hours depend on the service.

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