Machine Operator (Non-metal Products)

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Machine operators in non-metallic mineral product industries operate plant machinery and equipment to produce ceramic, clay, glass and concrete products such as bricks, tiles, pottery, cement, lime, paving blocks and glassware.

Machine operators (non-metal products) may perform the following tasks:


Clay, Concrete and Stone Machine Operator

A clay, concrete and stone machine operator uses machines to manufacture bricks, tiles, pipes, building blocks, railway sleepers, structural beams, facing stones, porcelain, pottery ware, cement, concrete and cast products.

Glass Production Worker

A glass production worker operates and controls machines to make molten glass, and presses or blows it into moulds to form or shape glassware products, such as bottles, jars and drinking glasses. They may also make insulation and fibreglass products.

Kiln Operator - Ceramics

A kiln operator - ceramics uses kilns or ovens to fire ceramics. They control the temperature, heating times and ventilation in the kilns and may also carry out inspections of the equipment to maintain performance.

Machine operators may work in areas that are hot and noisy. They have to wear protective clothing and may have to work shifts.

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