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Home economists teach, inform and advise government, industry and the community in order to assist individuals to make better lifestyle choices.

Home economists may perform the following tasks:


Community Health Home Economist

A community health home economist undertakes a range of home economic activities in the public sector, such as providing information services about financial management, family relationships, child care, food and nutrition, and household management. They may also manage food service operations such as canteens, aged-care centres and community food facilities and develop programmes and policies for health and social services.

Consumer Scientist

A consumer scientist measures and interprets consumer needs and preferences, ensuring that these are taken into account in the design, production, delivery and use of products and services.

Home Economics Teacher

A home economics teacher teaches students the skills required to understand and deal with a variety of issues in their personal, home, family and community lives. These skills are taught through a variety of topics, such as food and nutrition, textiles and clothing, vocational skills and knowledge, and family and interpersonal relationships.

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