Gaming Worker

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Gaming workers provide gamblers with gaming services in casinos and other gambling establishments.

Gaming workers may perform the following tasks:



A croupier shuffles and deals cards, spins roulette or money wheels and mini dice cages, and explains and interprets the rules of games to customers. Croupiers announce and pay winning bets and collect losing bets, and sell gaming tokens at the gaming tables to customers.

Gaming Inspector (Casino)

A gaming inspector (casino) supervises gaming table activities and staff.

Gaming Inspector (Government)

A gaming inspector (government) reports incidents of illegal activity by casino employees or patrons and attends court to give evidence where necessary. Government gaming inspectors check the financial statistics and taxation requirements of the casino and conduct pre-licensing inspections and regular checks on hotels and clubs.

Gaming Machine Worker

A gaming machine worker operates and maintains the various gaming machines in the casino. They may also call and verify the results of Keno draws.

Gaming workers are required to work shifts, including nights, weekends and public holidays. They may have to stand for long periods of time. Uniforms may be provided.

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