Floor Finisher and Coverer

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Floor finishers and coverers install and repair floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl, rubber, cork, parquetry and timber flooring. They may specialise as hard floor finishers, textile layers or resilient layers.

Floor finishers and coverers may perform the following tasks:


Carpet Layer

A carpet layer fastens the edges and seams of the carpet, then stretches and fixes it along walls and borders, using gripper strips.

Hard Floor Finisher

A hard floor finisher lays and finishes timber, cork and parquetry floors in mosaic and block patterns. They also sand, stain and apply finished coatings to timber floors.

Resilient Layer

A resilient layer specialises in laying and finishing vinyl, linoleum and rubber in sheet or tile form. They may lay these materials on bench tops and walls as well as floors.

Floor finishers and coverers work in small teams. Conditions can be dusty, and the work involves a lot of bending, stretching, kneeling and carrying. Floor finishers and coverers have a high level of contact with the public, retailers, builders and other tradespeople.

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