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Farmers and farm managers undertake farming operations to raise livestock and cultivate crops, fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products.

A farmer is a self-employed person who farms their own land or a leasehold property rented from a landowner. A farm manager is an employee who is paid a salary to manage a farm or group of farms.

Farmers and farm managers may perform the following tasks:


Farmers and farm managers may specialise in enterprises such as cropping or horticulture. Others work with animals such as beef or dairy cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry. Many farmers and farm managers conduct mixed farming operations.


A permaculturalist cultivates plants and crops through the use of sustainable practices and renewable resources to minimise the impact upon local ecosystems while maximising natural productivity.

Production Horticulturist

A production horticulturist is involved in the cultivation and maintenance of such produce as berries, nuts, fruit, vegetables and other crops. These products can be exported as either fresh or dried produce. Production horticulturists are involved in all of the associated production processes.

Farmers may work on large or small enterprises, or they may need to travel between a number of properties to manage activities. They spend much of their time working outdoors.

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