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Concreters place, spread, compact, finish and cure concrete for buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges and marine structures, using hand tools and automated machinery.

Concreters may perform the following tasks:


Concreters may specialise as concrete finishers, concrete cutters or concrete slab layers. There is a considerable difference in the work done by concreters working on high-rise buildings and those working on smaller residential and commercial buildings.

For most jobs, concrete is mixed at a pre-mix concrete supplier's factory and delivered to the site in a pre-mix concrete truck.

Concreters usually work outside on construction sites that may be dusty and noisy. Much of their time is spent standing or kneeling and they may also have to work at heights or underground in tunnels. They may travel from job to job and usually begin work very early in the morning.

There is a growing industry in precast concrete where concrete elements are cast and cured in factories then transported to the site for use.

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