Civil and Structural Engineering Associate

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Civil and structural engineering associates provide technical support to civil engineers and civil engineering technologists. They assist with the research, design, construction, operation and maintenance of projects such as roads, airports, railways, buildings, bridges, dams and drainage systems.

Civil and structural engineering associates may perform the following tasks:


Civil Engineering Design Drafter

A civil engineering design drafter prepares technical design drawings for the construction of structural, sanitary, transportation, drainage and other civil engineering projects.

Engineering Technical Officer

An engineering technical officer performs a wider range of technical tasks. This may involve operating specialised machinery or coordinating a team of workers in undertaking specific tasks, such as preparing a foundation for structural construction to support the construction process.

Structural Engineering Design Drafter

A structural engineering design drafter prepares drawings for the construction of steel, concrete or timber structures (such as framed buildings, roof trusses, cranes, bridges, towers and supporting structures).

Civil and structural engineering associates may work in offices, technical laboratories, workshops or on site.

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