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Bookkeepers record and put together summaries of the financial transactions of a business or other organisation for management purposes.

Bookkeepers may perform the following tasks:


BAS (Business Activity Statement) Agent

A bas (business activity statement) agent prepares the books and records of a business to assist in the completion of BAS obligations, including those relating to payroll. They also prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements and provide advice relating to tax obligations.

Collection Officer

A collection officer keeps records of people who are behind in payments, prepares reports of loans and accounts that have amounts owing and forwards these on for legal action.

Costing Clerk

A costing clerk calculates and investigates wages, materials, overheads and other operating costs.

Payroll Officer

A payroll officer calculates, prepares and processes wages, taking into account overtime and deductions such as tax, the Medicare levy, health insurance payments and superannuation.

In larger organisations, a bookkeeper's duties may be divided among a number of different positions.

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