Animal Attendant

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Animal attendants provide food, water and care for animals.

Animal attendants may perform the following tasks:


Kennel Hand

A kennel hand receives dogs and cats from their owners, tags them for identification, then exercises, feeds and grooms them.

Pet Groomer

A pet groomer washes, dries, brushes, combs, cuts and styles pets' coats, and cares for their nails, ears, eyes and skin. They may specialise in creative special dye work and imaginative themes to enter competitions, or prepare purebred dogs and cats for shows.

Pet Shop Attendant

A pet shop attendant sells pet food and accessories as well as animals to customers.

Working conditions vary depending on the place of work. Some attendants have to work on weekends and public holidays. Many work outdoors. Considerable contact with the public is involved when accepting donations and lost or unwanted animals, and when selling or adopting animals.

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