State government assistance in Queensland

Financial assistance

The Queensland Government provides financial assistance, in certain circumstances, to parents of students attending approved schools in Queensland. Further information is available from your school principal or the Department of Education, Training and Employment. For more information, contact School Financial Services, Department of Education, Training and Employment, PO Box 15033, City East QLD 4002. Alternatively, call (07) 3034 5825 or visit http://education.qld.gov.au/schools/grants/parents-students.

Career guidance

Education Queensland Guidance Services

One of the responsibilities of guidance officers working with secondary school students in Queensland government schools is to provide assistance with career and educational decision-making. Guidance officers are available to consult with parents and students at most high schools. They are experienced teachers who have undertaken further study at a postgraduate level to equip them with the skills necessary to help students and parents with concerns they may have while attending secondary school and with planning post-school options. Non-government schools have similar services, although the person providing this service may have a different title. Enquire at your school for more information.

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